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Let’s Get this Legacy Started!

Alrighty. It took me awhile to get all the pictures for this post but I’m finally ready! 😀

Anyways, my computer was in the shop for a few days and when I finally got it back, all of my save data had been deleted for the Sims…

Thankfully, it was only the new stuff that I had done for this post so Annette is more or less the same as she was last post.

It’s about day four now and we’ve been going through the same daily routine:

(Not shown: Annette repeatedly cutting her fingers)

And that’s pretty much it. Honestly.

She’s advanced to level two in her Gardening career and made it to level five in the Gardening skill. Whoopie!

Out of boredom, I sent her out to fish at one of the (beautiful) local fishing spots but not before she autonomously washes her hands five times.

She takes out her fishing rod and…waits for about three sim hours, not even catching a thing.

The game tries to tell me that there’s no fish biting (does it have to do with her fishing skill?).

Lies! There’s even a shark in there!

It looks like she caught one…

Nope! Apparently, the game just likes trolling me.

Annette goes back to stalking making friends with Don whoever-he-is in effort to keep my sanity.

I’ve been wanting to test out the Late Night (Nightlife??) features so I ship them off to one of the local bars.

Note the crazy journalist person trying to follow them on foot in the corner there.

At first, I couldn’t find the bar. All I could find were these weird “merchant” cash register people.

It took me awhile but I finally found the bar off to the side of the building…

and underground.

It’s a pretty cool bar, even if the help is incompetent.

I found out that both Annette and Don were both equally awful at darts.

Ah…nothing makes Sims romance (and pee) faster than a couple of fruity alchoholic beverages “juices”.


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  1. I’d consider that loss of gameplay a mini-disaster.. 😀

  2. Ugh, frustrating! But nice recovery. Fish not biting is often a sign of low skill level, but you should be able to catch a goldfish…eventually. 😦

    • I dunno. I sent Annette back later and had her fish for a good five sims hours. Still nothing.

      Stupid sharks must be eating the fish right off the hook.

      • When you click on the water, do you get the option to “check for fish” (something like that.) Do you see Goldfish jumping? You won’t be able to catch shark yet (they come at a higher skill level) I don’t know the world you’re playing, so I don’t know if the fishing is glitched, or where the ponds/oceans have fish stocked. Did you take a fishing class at the grocery store?

      • I see the goldfish jumping in the pond and I do see the option “Check for fish”.

        I’m playing Queenstown (see my second post for more info) and I didn’t have Annette take a fishing class at the store…

        Should I have?

  3. I know you are playing Queenstown 😉 I’ve just never played it. Taking a class will give you a boost in your skill, but you don’t need it, you will gain skill just by fishing. If you see goldfish jumping, they should be there… Try a freshwater pond, are there fish in a park for example? You can also try bait (when you have a lvl 2 skill i think) Goldfish like lettuce.


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