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New Patch Giving Anyone Problems?

While technically this isn’t a real legacy chapter, I thought I should put it here anyways, since you’ve all been so helpful. 🙂

Is the new 1.26 patch that recently came out giving any one else problems? It’s seriously messed up my game (again) and the few bits of custom content I’ve downloaded have gone haywire!

Any thoughts, advice, or rants?


Let’s Get this Legacy Started!

Alrighty. It took me awhile to get all the pictures for this post but I’m finally ready! 😀

Anyways, my computer was in the shop for a few days and when I finally got it back, all of my save data had been deleted for the Sims…

Thankfully, it was only the new stuff that I had done for this post so Annette is more or less the same as she was last post.

It’s about day four now and we’ve been going through the same daily routine:

(Not shown: Annette repeatedly cutting her fingers)

And that’s pretty much it. Honestly.

She’s advanced to level two in her Gardening career and made it to level five in the Gardening skill. Whoopie!

Out of boredom, I sent her out to fish at one of the (beautiful) local fishing spots but not before she autonomously washes her hands five times.

She takes out her fishing rod and…waits for about three sim hours, not even catching a thing.

The game tries to tell me that there’s no fish biting (does it have to do with her fishing skill?).

Lies! There’s even a shark in there!

It looks like she caught one…

Nope! Apparently, the game just likes trolling me.

Annette goes back to stalking making friends with Don whoever-he-is in effort to keep my sanity.

I’ve been wanting to test out the Late Night (Nightlife??) features so I ship them off to one of the local bars.

Note the crazy journalist person trying to follow them on foot in the corner there.

At first, I couldn’t find the bar. All I could find were these weird “merchant” cash register people.

It took me awhile but I finally found the bar off to the side of the building…

and underground.

It’s a pretty cool bar, even if the help is incompetent.

I found out that both Annette and Don were both equally awful at darts.

Ah…nothing makes Sims romance (and pee) faster than a couple of fruity alchoholic beverages “juices”.

In Which Disaster Has Not Struck…Yet

/stares blankly at Annette staring blankly/

Umm…what do I do now?

Don’t just stand around and stare at me! Go…go somewhere!

I guess she didn’t hear me because she stood like this for five whole minutes, eyes looking into my soul.


This honestly scared me for a moment. Guess what mode of transportation I’ll never use again?

On the way to…wherever she was going, I spotted a couple of people standing outside in front of their lot for no real reason.

Something tells me these guys and Annette will have a lot in common.

She makes a beeline for this guy, Don…something or other.

Anyways, doesn’t she look absolutely massive in this shot?

It’s like Don whatchamacallit is a teen… But let’s hope not.

They greet each other awkwardly.

D’awww! They’re both socially inept! 😀

Again, Annette is just towering over this guy but he’s not a teen (since she has the romantic option tab) so maybe he’s just screwy.

Annette shares her OCD-ness with this guy and he just goes along with it.

Then…this happens.

This made me laugh. There’s no way any self-respecting adult Sim would do this…

I stand corrected.

Wow. It’s like these two were made to creep me out together.

SEE? Annette is a giant!

After I’ve had my fill of weirdness, I send Annette off to the Science Lab…thingy because someone told me you can get gardening lessons there.

This shot was taken solely to include the awesome dolphin motif.

Back at the Zero residence, the newspaper arrived and I put Annette’s Frugal trait to the test.

Annette: I know that I’m dropping all those paper clippings all over the place but I just have to clip out these coupons for 15% off on plasma screen televisions!

She rolled a want wish to clean something and I wondered if throwing away the only source of entertainment she had would suffice.

Long story short, it did. 😀

First want wish of the legacy!

I set her to work planting the free seeds she had gotten from the gardening class.

What you don’t see is Annette trying to scrub her hands clean a million times.

This is me. Right now.

The first day of this legacy is almost over and there haven’t been any fires, or deaths, or ‘accidental’ pool ladder incidents!

Anyways, I sent her to City Hall to join the Gardening career (thanks for bringing that to my attention, ruthmaybe!) and she stops in one of her charateristic fussy fits.

By the time she got back, I had already built her the domicle of her dreams:

A full dining set, complete with makeshift kitchen and conspicious public toilet!

A lawn chair to stare creepily at something other than me, plus a nice comfy sleeping bag, so she can become one with the plants.

I think she likes it. 😀

As the sun sets, Annette vents her frustration at our resident gnome, whom I’ve dubbed Sir Gnomes-a-lot.

(Question: Are the ones you buy from buy mode the ones that can move around?)

After kicking Sir Gnomes-a-lot and propping him back up several times, Annette finally falls into a deep sleep, unaware that I forgot to feed her.

Go, Go! Sim Creation!

Hello there~

I’m Valerie and…I’m a Sims 3 newbie. 🙂

For those of you wanting to know the full story behind my newbie-ness, you can check out my “about this legacy” tag.

In short, I have recently been saddled with the Sims 3 (plus expansion packs) and I have absolutely no clue how to play them.

Those of you who won’t have the patience to put up with my unrelenting confustion, frustration, and questions… Uhh… Please look at another legacy…?

Anyways, let’s get down to business.

I always thought that the premade towns were kinda lame so I searched the net and found this:

( )

I wanted the Late Night (Nightlife??) stuff mixed in with the Ambitions junk and still having a small town feel.

Anyways, to get me started, my friend was kind enough to build me a family (sorta kinda not really based on the family from the Generations box).

Don’t let these pictures fool you. I failed epically. Never before had one family experience so many near starvations, potty failures, demotions, fires, or ‘accidental’ drownings.

I began to think to myself, “Why not fail at a truly massive scale? Why not play a game I know almost nothing about for ten generations, just to see what happens?”

Enter Annette Zero:

You can kinda tell this was my first time using CAS, huh?

Naturally, I wanted to play around with the sliders:

Epic boob job of epicness.

Enter Annette Hogan… 😮

Eventually, I settled with the fairly average Sim that will be my Legacy Founder.

After trying to figure out the traits system and failing, I randomized them because I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.

So, she’s a disciplined heavy sleeper who’s frugal, neat, and has a great sense of humour. She wants to be ‘Swimming in Cash’ (whatever that means) and she likes pink, hamburgers, and classical music.

Somehow, I feel as though I’ve made this legacy just that much harder.



First Impressions of Sims 3






NOT VERY IMPRESSIVE PAINTINGS!! (no custom option either… /grumbles/)


In short, there’s a lot I like about this game and a lot I don’t…


Really cool angry faces. >:)